You are experiencing issues signing into the MaX UC application on either desktop or mobile.


Try the following to resolve any issues you may have singing in to your account.

  • When signing in, be sure to use your phone number without dashes.
  • If MaX UC Mobile or Desktop indicates that it cannot contact the server:
  • If MaX UC Mobile or Desktop reports that you have entered an incorrect password:
    • Check that you are logging in using your CommPortal phone number and the correct password.
    • On MaX UC Mobile, use the Show Password icon so that you can verify what you are typing in the password correctly.
    • If you have forgotten your password, please contact the Business Voice Support Team to have it reset.
  • If you can only see the Set a New Password screen, this indicates you must change your password before you can access the rest of the app. You will still be able to receive and answer incoming calls and Meeting invitations.
    • Use the dialog on the Set a New Password screen to set your new password.
    • If the CommPortal password has been reset on another device, you will be logged out of MaX UC Mobile within 24 hours. If you have been logged out by the time they next use MaX UC Mobile you will see the login screen where you can log in using your new password. If you have not yet been logged out, you will be shown the Set a New Password screen where you can follow a Reset on Another Device? link that will log you out of MaX UC Mobile and allow you to log back in using your new password.