About This Article

The following instructions are necessarily at a high level, because the network configuration may be very different for each enterprise customer. This information is meant to be passed to your IT department or the people responsible for your business network.

In this article, you will do the following:

  • Ensure you have adequate bandwidth from your users' mobile devices to the network device (LAN or WAN) and then adequate bandwidth on the WAN side.
  • Configure your firewall(s) to ensure that MaX UC Mobile can communicate with your TCT's servers.
  • Configure your network to correctly prioritize VoIP signaling, voice and video traffic.

Configure Bandwidth Requirements

You must ensure that you have adequate bandwidth for the number and types of calls that you are expecting.

  1. For audio calls, the amount of bandwidth you need depends on the codec you are using. You should allow 100kbps (in each direction) for every call.
    • Therefore, if you expect a maximum of 10 concurrent calls, you should assign 1Mbps of bandwidth for voice calls alone, and then ensure you have adequate bandwidth on top of that for other traffic (VPN, web, file transfer) which shares the same connection.
  2. For video calls, the bandwidth requirement varies hugely depending on resolution, ranging from 500Kbps (low definition) up to 8000Kbps (HD), again in each direction per concurrent video call.

Configure your Firewall

You must ensure that you have the correct ports open on your firewall to ensure that MaX UC Mobile can communicate with TCT's servers.

By default many firewalls will allow communication from the internal LAN side meaning that no configuration is required here. However, if your firewall requires specific configuration, you must ensure that it is not blocking traffic.

The following table lists all the ports that must be open on your firewall. This table defines the external IP addresses and ports that MaX UC Mobile needs to be able to reach through your firewall. It is assumed that other standard ports, notably 443 for HTTPS are also open.

Protocol/ServiceTransportExternal IP Address and PortsNotes
SIP/TLSUDP72.21.78.240The signaling IP address and port of the TCT Session Border Controller.
RTPUDP72.21.78.240The media IP address and port range of the TCT Session Border Controller.

Configure your Quality of Service Settings

For optimal audio quality, you must ensure that your network is set up to correctly prioritize VoIP signaling, voice and video traffic.

The steps you need to take depend on the configuration of your network. If you have a very complex set up, then you may need to contact your equipment vendor for advice.

If you have a simple network, you will typically only need to do the following:

  • If any MaX UC Mobile user will access your network via a wireless Access Point (AP), ensure that WMM (Wireless Multimedia extensions) support is available and enabled on any such access points.
  • Use Quality of Service (QoS) on the WAN/Internet router to prioritize all traffic to and from the SBC IP addresses.