Your DVR recordings are choppy or pixelated. 


DVR recording picture quality depends on the quality of the channel while it was being recorded.

  • Check to see if all recordings on your DVR are pixelated or just ones from specific channels.
  • If the pixelation is from one channel, check that channel live and see if it is still pixelating.
    • If it is still pixelating, try rebooting your main set-top box.
    • If rebooting does not resolve the channel issue and all other channels look fine, contact TCT.
  • If the pixelating is occurring on all channels, try rebooting devices one at a time until picture quality improves. Start by unplugging power from your set-top box for 15-30 seconds and plugging it back in. Then your modem or switch for 15-30 seconds. Wait for all devices to power back up and check picture quality.
  • It's also possible the channel was having an issue at the time of recording and will be fine for future recordings, but let TCT know if this is a recurring issue.