If are expecting to see new emails coming in and there is nothing new showing in your inbox, there are a couple things that you may need to check.  


There are a few reasons why you might be missing emails in your inbox:  

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the internet. Without an internet connection you will not be able to receive new emails. 
  2. Make sure your email is not full. Your TCT email has a 150 MB of storage available to you. This includes your spam, sent, and trash folders as well. You can check your quota usage by logging into MagicMail. 
    • Be sure to delete any emails you no longer need. If there are many you wish to keep you can try saving those emails to your computer instead per your email clients requirements. Just be sure to check and make sure you are able to open them from your computer before deleting them from the mail server.  
  3. Many email clients have a “Receive” or a “Sync” button that may need to be clicked to load all new emails into your inbox. below is an example of this in Microsoft Outlook.
  4. If you are expecting a specific email from someone and it is not coming through check and make sure they have spelled your email address correctly. 
  5. Check your spam folder.