Your set-top box has several inputs and outputs. Below you will find a description of each and how to connect them.  

Note: Not all Entone set-top box models have the same outputs.


TV Out - Coaxial Connection 

Using a coax cable, connect your set-top box to your television. 

Cable In - Coaxial Connection

Port for connecting to cable or antenna source.  

Info: This port is not typically used for TCT TV service.

A/V Out – 9-Pin DIN Connection

For connecting to video output using a DIN-to-RCA cable.  

HDMI – HDMI Connection

For the best possible video output, use this connection to connect to your television. 

Digital Audio – S/PDIF Optical TOSLINK

Used for audio to your sound system or television. 


This is where your set-top box gets your TV service from TCT. Connect an Ethernet cable from the designated wall outlet, switch, or modem to receive your TV service.  


Connect USB devices such as a USB flash drive or external USB hard drive. 


DC Power Jack (12V/1.5A)