It is advisable to change the router’s username and password as the factory defaults are usually very easy to guess and leave your router less secure.  


The username and password on your router is different than the network name and password for your WiFi network. The router’s username and password are the credentials needed to log in to the router to change various settings. In order to change them, you must first log into the router with a connected device using the local IP address printed on your routers label. 

  1. Use a web browser or mobile app to log into your router.
  2. Enter in the default username and password printed on the routers label for the first login. 
  3. The router may prompt you to change the username and password immediately after first log in. 
  4. If not, you will typically find the option in the system page of your router.

For further information on how to change the username and password on your router, please check the manual for your router or your router manufacturer’s support page.