TCT offers three products that can help deter telemarketers.  

Telemarketer Call Screening

This feature is the most efficient way to block telemarketers. When a person calls your phone number, an auto attendant answers and requests that if the call is telemarketing related, that the telemarketer add you to their “Do Not Call List”. It then prompts all other callers to press 1 to get through. A telemarketer is unable to get through since the request to be added to the “Do Not Call List” was made.

Selective Call Rejection

This feature allows you to select numbers from which calls are automatically rejected. A rejection announcement is played to the calling party.

Anonymous Call Rejection 

Don’t want to receive calls from unidentified callers? This feature automatically rejects all calls from withheld numbers.

Note: These features are available for Residential & VONtel phone services only. There is a one-time service fee to add calling features.